A Tribute to Galicia

A Tribute to Galicia


Where is Galicia?

At the world’s end and at its beginning.



What is Galicia?

A land of mist and sunshine

A land of forests, mountains, rivers and sea

A land of fiestas and fairies

A land where eagles fly and bagpipes echo in the hills and valleys

A land where the air is clean, wild flowers bloom and spirits run free


Who are the Gallegos?

People at the world’s end guarding time

People who remember their history and embrace their future

People who enjoy food, wine, music and conversation

People who love their land and remain true to its traditions

People who farm, fish, build and dance

People who have a creative soul

Gallegos never give up your soul it connects you to life and long may you live.

A land where stars are bright and spirits walk the hills on Samhain eve.

A land of mystique, tradition and love

A land that touches your soul forever.