Province of Lugo

Lugo province is in the north-western part of Galicia and is bordered by the region of Asturias and the region of Castile and Leon  to the east and in the north by the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay).

Lugo is the capital of the province and principal centre of population in what is a mainly rural province. Lugo dates back to Celtic times and was an important centre (along with Braga and Astorga) during the romans. Lugo is famous for its Roman walls which completely enclose the city and for its Cathedral.

The province is extremely diverse as there are stunning and remote mountains and more developed resorts along the northern coast. Cebreiro is renowned for being home of an ancient, Celtic settlement of thatched stone huts (pallozas). This part of the province is heavily influenced by St. James Way (Camino de Santiago) where there are plenty of restored monasteries for pilgrims to stay the night. Other places worth stopping to see on the northern coast include Ribadeo, Viveiro, Ortigueira, Porto do Barqueiro, Porto de Vares and Cedeira. In summer Foz and Burela are pretty lively resorts to go for a drink and great meal.

There are 67 municipalities in Lugo province:

Abadín Alfoz Antas de Ulla Baleira Baralla Barreiros Becerreá Begonte Bóveda Burela Carballedo Castro de Rei  Castroverde Cervantes Cervo O Corgo Cospeito Chantada Folgoso do Courel A Fonsagrada Foz Friol Guitiriz Guntín O Incio Láncara Lourenzá Lugo Meira Mondoñedo  Monforte de Lemos Monterroso Muras Navia de Suarna  Negueira de Muñiz  As Nogais  Ourol Outeiro de Rei Palas de Rei  Pantón Paradela O Páramo A Pastoriza  Pedrafita do Cebreiro A Pobra do Brollón Pol 2A Pontenova  Portomarín Quiroga Rábade  Ribadeo Ribas de Sil  Ribeira de Piquín Riotorto Samos Sarria O Saviñao Sober  Taboada Trabada  Triacastela  O Valadouro  O Vicedo  Vilalba  Viveiro  Xermade Xove

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