Videos of the Camino

Pilgrims from ancient times have travelled along the Camino de Santiago, or Saint James Way, so they could visit the majestic cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela given its religious significance. Arguably today it is the third most religious city in the world after Rome and Bethlehem. Pilgrims do it for a variety of reasons to reflect on life and to relish the physical and mental challenge. In 2013 about 220,000 pilgrims officially made their way to Santiago, many on the most famous route, the Camino Francés from the French Pyrenees across the plains of northern Spain. The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela seems to be gaining popularity again which bodes well for the future as many small businesses on its route such as albergues,restaurants and bars etc depend on it for a livelihood. The french route has UNESCO world heritage stautus and other routes are likely to be awarded similar status in the future.

There are many less famous and less trodden routes too.In fact there are generally considered to be 10 main Pilgrimage Routes to Santiago de Compostela. All the main routes are well signed with comfortable and welcoming 'refugio' or hostels along the way, where you can stay for as little at 5-10€ a night. Thanks to our colloboration with we have put together a series of videos of the various routes including Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre as they enter Galicia to Santiago so you can get a good indication of what to find which we hope you can share with family and friends interested in the Camino and in Galicia.  

Santiago De Compostela


Portuguese Way


Via De La Plata


Finisterre Way


English Way


Camino Primitivo


Camino Portuguese Way - Porto to Baiona 


Camino Portuguese Way - Baiona to Santiago de Compostela


Camino Portuguese Way - Porto to Santiago de Compostela