Bank Holidays 2014

The galicians like the Spanish really know who to celebrate their bank holidays so expect to catch a lively event on a bank holiday wherever part of Galicia you happen to be in. As well as the traditional bank holidays a range of local fiestas are celebrated throughout Spain which means that each locality has a number of additional public holidays throughout the year. These vary within and between the regions. Many of these relate to religious or political activities.

New Years Day 1 January
Epiphany 6 January
San José & Father's Day 19 March
Easter Week 17/18 April Good Thursday/Friday 
Easter Week 20 April Passover
Labour Day 1 May
Galician Humanities Day 17 May
St. James Apostle 25 July
Assumption 15 August
National Spain Day 12 October
All Saints Day 1 November
Constitution Day 6 December
Immaculate Conception & Mother's Day 8 December
Christmas Day 25 December