There seems to be a festival somewhere in Galicia virtually every week as these are celebrated in the smallest of villages up to international sized events especially in the main cities/larger settlements. They are always highly entertaining and visually striking with a vibrant atmosphere in the streets and plenty of dancing involving the whole local community. They normally centre on savouring the local gastronomy including food and wines and providing the opportunity to see and buy locally products and handicrafts. Despite the party atmosphere everyone seems to remain in good spirits even if the weather turns bad!

Most festivals take place over the weekend so dates each year can vary slightly. In February carnivals are popular throughout Galicia. This is followed in March/April by Semana Santa when there are colourful, religious processions especially on Good Friday. On the 25 July is one of Spain’s most famous festivals of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela when the patron saint of Spain is honoured and the celebrations are accompanied with a dramatic firework display above the Cathedral. Throughout the year there are literally hundreds of food/wine related festivals which in August reach a peak with events such as the wine festival in Cambados and shellfish festival in O Grove. The Events Calendar provides a regular diary of the best and most popular ones – a full list is available with comprehensive information and reviews etc.