The currency in Galica,as it is in Spain, is the euro.  For the current exchange rate please visit the European Central Bank's website. One of the joys of visiting Galicia is that the cost of living is generally a lot cheaper than in most other parts of Spain or most developed countries. Even in the height of the holiday season restaurants, bars, places of interest, supermarkets, clothes shop etc offer a high quality product at less cost than the same standard of product in most other countries.  The Menu del Dia is especially good value and is a fixed, set price 3 course lunch menu which all restaurants by law must offer. At about 9 euros per person this is hard to beat anywhere in Spain.

In the larger cities in the tourist season prices are generally higher than the rest of Galicia and it’s often worth shopping around and trying to establish from the locals where the best places to go to get value for money. Prices do also seem to rise in July/August as private operators increase prices to respond to the higher demand.

Banks (bancos) are very widespread so it’s easy to find one locally and to withdraw money using an ATM cash machine. Most banks are open from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday only.