Post offices (Correos) are located in the centre of most towns and the service is very reliable.  Urgent items can also be sent using private delivery companies such as DHL

The telephone service is also good, public phones generally widely available and mobile phone coverage is widespread.

It is also usually easy to find a bar, hotel, shopping centre or other public building with high speed access to the Internet. Internet cafes are also fairly popular in most towns.

The main national newspapers are El Pais and El Mundo.

The local papers which promote an excellent standard of journalism are:

 La Voz de Galicia (La Coruna/Galicia),El Ideal Gallego (La Coruna/Galicia), La Opinion (La Coruna)

 El Faro de Vigo ,Atlantico (Vigo),

 El Correo Gallego (Santiago de Compostela/Galicia),

 La Region (Ourense),El Progreso (Lugo), Diario de Ferrol , Xornal Galicia  (Pontevedra/Galicia), Diario de Pontevedra, Diario de Arousa (Vilagarcia de Arousa)

Most bars/restaurants have a television and during the football season there always seem to be football match on the screen!! The local stations are Television Galicia and Radio Galega.

For the south of Galicia/Northern Portugal there is a great website,InfoMino. This is for the zone next to the River Mino (Oia,La Guardia,O Rosal & Tomiño) and Northern Portugal (Valenca do Minho, Vilanova de Cerveira & Caminha). 

My Guide Galicia Press Articles.