Taxis & Car Hire


Taxi services are widespread throughout Galica especailly the main cities/main transport hubs so its very easy to obtain one. Taxi fares vary in different areas.  There is a basic initial charge;additional surcharges will be added to the fare at night,weekends and public holidays.  Taxi drivers should have a list of approved fares for inner-city routes,railway stations and airports,and will be able to supply information prior to boarding the vehicle.  Their command of english generally however is not good.

Car Hire

It’s very easy to hire a car either in advance or in Galicia using all major car hire companies either at the airports or in the major cities.

The principal car hire companies are:

There are also alot of other local car hire companies which operate in all of the principal cities.

In addition, for travellers to Porto the following car hire companies are available: