The final road to Finisterre is the most exposed and westerly of all roads in Spain; no surprise the Romans called it the end of the world!

The prime spot to visit is the Vista Monte do Facho which is high above the nearby famous Finisterre lighthouse where wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean can be enjoyed, often in peaceful silence with the whole world and any problems left behind. In addition, being the most westerly point of the Costa da Morte, it is a notoriously dangerous and wild stretch of coast where it is possible to encounter numerous shipwrecks. It is often possible to see huge waves crashing against the rocks and cliffs of this dangerous coast.

Finisterre.The end of the World!
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The town itself is way from the sea on the side of a headland which can be explored on foot and there is a lovely church at Santa Maria das Arias which is worth seeing. There are also some amazing, wild beaches worth exploring.

In summer it can be pretty lively and there are no shortage of traditional bars and glorious seafood restaurants. It is quite common for them here to have giant tanks full of crabs, lobsters and shellfish still alive waiting to be ordered and cooked! Percebes(goose barnacles) is particularly renowned and appreciated here as throughout the rest of the region as a local delicacy.

Finisterre has an abundance of places to stay and to explore the surrounding area and Camarinas, Muxia, Cee and Corncubión are worth seeing.