Galicia Regional Info (App Version)

Galicia in north-west Spain is a mountainous region full of mysteries and surprises. So with its fascinating cultural tapestry, extraordinary natural beauty and landscapes, remarkable Celtic heritage and Roman legacy it is a treasure worth discovering! Pilgrims from all over the world converge on Santiago de Compostela which is a majestic and ancient capital situated in the heart of Galicia, whose four provinces and principal cities are La Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra in which Vigo, close to the Cies IsIands, is the largest city. Expect pristine coast,wild beaches,ancient thermal spas,stunning mountain scenery,gastronomic wonders,winery tours and lots of fiestas!

Water everywhere :  In Galicia there are 1000 rivers, 1300 kilometres of coastline, 700 beaches of which 130 are Blue Flag beaches including Rodas Beach on the Cies Islands which was the Guardian Newspapaer's best beach in the world ! and 21 balnearios (unique spa resorts).

Heritage : There are four sites in Galicia on UNESCO's world heritage list including the roman lighthouse in A Coruña Hercules Tower (Torre de Hercules), the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and its Old Town, the roman walls of Lugo  (la muralla romana de Lugo) and St.James Way pilgrimage route  El Camino de Santiago).

Food Heaven :  Galicia is a gastronmic delight from its great variety of shellfish and seafood; to its meats,vegetable,dairy and unigue products like organic honeys,chestnuts,turnip tops,liqueurs,breads etc. Some of the best known dishes are octopus á feira (in a copper pan), empanadas (pie/pasty), percebes (goose barnacles), lamprey, Padrón peppers, Raxo/Forza (diced, fried pork), San Simón and the soft, breast-shaped cheeses, the Santiago tart, and filloas (pancakes).There are over 100 wineries with Denomination of Origin status and there are five denominations including Riaxas Baixas,Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro,Valdeorras and Monterrei. In addtion, there are there are over 5000 restaurants, 11 have a michelin star.

Land of the Fiesta :  Galicia is renouned for its fiestas and in July and August alone you can enjoy over 100 different fiestas ! In February carnivals are popular then in March/April at Easter (Semana Santa) when there are colourful, religious processions especially on Good Friday. On the 25 July is one of Spain’s most famous festivals, Saint James in Santiago de Compostela when the patron saint of Spain is honoured and the celebrations are accompanied with a dramatic firework display above the Cathedral.  In August  there is the internationally important albariño wine festival in Cambados and equally successful, shellfish festival in O Grove.

Top 10 Attractions : Galicia is most famous for its 10 unique places which include Santiago de Compostela, the Camino de Santiago, the Beach of the Cathedrals in Ribadeo, Santa Tecla Castro in A Guarda, the roman Tower of Hercules lighthouse in A  Coruña, the Cies Islands near Vigo, the roman walls of Lugo, Ribeira Sacra, Cape Finisterre and the attractive tourist resort of Baiona - the Marbella of the north!


Galician (galleg ), Castilian Spanish (castellano).

No visit to Galicia is complete without experiencing Santiago de Compostela, the ancient, administrative capital and arguably after Rome and Bethlehem the third most religious city in the world, with its stunning, granite cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage status covering its beautiful old medieval core.  It's famous throughout the world for its pilgrimage route "el Camino de Santiago".

There is the breathtaking, wild northern coastline, the Coast of Death which finishes at the end of the world, Cape Finisiterre. The western coastline comprises of a series of old and unique, fjord-like sheltered estuaries that contain numerous safe swimming beaches and precious islands including the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, the most famous of which is the Cies Islands. This coastline known as the Rias Baixas extends to the border with Portugal, separated by the hugely impressive River Miño. Galicia is also relatively mountainous such as Os Ancares where there are many nature reserves with magical streams, rivers and woodlands together with an abundance of wildlife, picturesque villages, castles, monasteries, ruins and old farming practices which time has almost forgotten like Ribeira Sacra with its canyons,viewpoints and roman vineyards. Galicia is also renowned for its friendly people, innovative culture, delicious food especially seafood delicacies, high quality wines and famous cellars, magnificent architecture and religious heritage.

La Coruña is arguably the most prosperous city and financial centre with is stunning peninsular setting surrounded by the sea and maritime legacy. This is the place to relax and shop at the heart of Galicia's clothing industry with world famous brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Caramelo. It is also the home of the famous Galician brewery, Estrella de Galicia whose beers are appreciated throughout Spain. The bars and restaurants of La Coruna are a gastronomic delight.Hospitality is memorable and a warm,a trouble-free welcome awaits any visitor spoilt for choice with an amazing variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Vigo is also stunningly located in the heart of Vigo estuary and is Spain's most important fishing port. It's also the gateway to the Rías Baixas with a diversity of places to visit including Pontevedra, O Grove, Sanxenxo and Baiona and the Parador there is the best hotel in Spain. A visit to the Cíes Islands is essential as it is the most important National Park in Spain.

Thanks to its diversity Galicia is a place to suit all tastes from families to pilgrims to surfers. Try Lugo,Mondoñedo, the Beach of the Cathedrals in Ribadeo, Ferrol, Betanzos, Finisterre, Cambados, A Guarda, Monforte de Lemos,Verin and and numerous spa resorts like La Toja, Mondariz and the hot springs of Ourense. It is also easy to visit northern Portugal from the south of Galicia which brings beautiful medieval cities like Oporto, Braga and Guimarães within reach for day trips/short stays. In addition, Galicia has borders with both the regions of Asturias and Castilla and León. Visit inspirational Galicia in north-west Spain and discover a high quality of life