Mondariz & nearby

Mondariz is a small but beautiful, traditional Galician Spa village in a wonderful setting surrounded by mountains and dense woodland. The Balneario de Mondariz is probably one of the best and oldest spas in Galicia and well known throughout the world for the restorative and healing properties of its underground thermal springs. It is located in an unforgettable setting in the heart of the village accessed from the entrance to the 4 star hotel. The spa inside in the hotel has different swimming pools, individual baths, treatment rooms etc all the facilities for beauty and health treatments. There is also a special zone for Celtic treatments including internal and external swimming pools which are carved out of natural river stone to maintain the special heat properties of the waters.

Mondariz Hotel & Congress Building
by Lansbricae @ Wikimedia Commons
In addition, there is also a new, modern spa Palacio del Agua opposite the hotel. The facilities include a 240 square metre swimming pool with water beds, geysers, water jets/cascades for hydro massage and a river channel zone. There are also two swimming pools with panoramic views and hydro massage waves /bubbles with a variety of mineral waters of different temperatures. There are also hot or dry saunas with hot or cold showers or Celtic saunas of stone or water or ice. There is a zone for children over three years old. In addition, there is an outside sauna and hot water swimming pool inspired by Japanese thermals.
Mondariz Spa
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The Palacio del Agua's other main feature is an old,ancient drinking fountain where particularly in the height of summer a welcome
Mondariz-Balneario Fountain
 free drink helps to recharge the spirit and soul! There are also bathing beaches on the river which flows through the village where a wide variety of rare birds can be viewed.

Mondariz is also renowned for its championship golf course which is located on the outskirts of the town close to the road to Vigo, a few minutes from Mondariz Spa. With its mix of undulating woodland, lakes and breathtaking views looking over the River Tea and surrounding mountains it is challenge to any good golfer. And there can be no better nineteenth holes sat out in the panoramic terrace enjoying a superb, value for money lunch (menu del dia). The gastronomic experience is recommended in itself and as there is a driving range and putting green those short on time can still savour the facilities over a quick lunch!

Just outside Mondariz is Castillo de Sobroso which even in the height of summer is virtually deserted, a quite oasis of calm surrounded by mountains. It's however arguably the most important fortresses of historical significance in all of Galicia originating from the tenth century and is a good state of repair. There is small museum which also sells local products and from there it's possible to climb to the top of the tower where there are an extraordinary panoramic views taking in over 50 villages.

Views from Castillo de Sabroso of Mondariz Balneario