Virtual Tour Of Vigo



The best way to truly appreciate Vigo is to admire its views looking out across its estuary, Rande Bridge and the Cies Islands together with its amazing setting. There are a number of great vantage points to explore and to admire all of these jewells or alternatively you can take a boat trip with Sailway or Charter Terra Nova to explore the estuary. The route will also help us to open up an appetite and there are a number of great places to eat  to leave us with the sensation that Vigo is a gastronomic paradise thanks to its fruits of the sea.
We start at our first landmark which is a public park called Parque de la Guia where there are amazing views of Vigo and its estuary as far as the famous bridge crossing, Puente de Rande. An oasis of peace with the whole of Vigo in your hand.
For those in need of refreshment/superb lunch or dinner and superb views a slight detour will lead you to the Viewpoint at the restaurant Mesón Coto del Águila which is open from miday till midnight (closed mondays/sunday night). Try a range of their excellent tapas like octopus galician style or grilled prawns.
The second landmark is centrally located and is also a park called Parque Del Castro where there are amazing views of the Port of Vigo, its estuary and the magical Cies Islands, a National Park in the distance. This is where you will see the citizens of Vigo either with the children playing or people jogging, a great place to observe people passing the time.
Lunchtime and the options are numerous. A Buraca do Pavero in Bembive ia another hidden gem, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and admire its garden/views. Their tortillas are well worth devouring. You could also try heading to Plaza Compostela which is a grand, landscaped square where the rich and famous take their strolls. Try the strong but really fresh beer and a tapa in the brewery bar of  Estrella de Galicia.  On the way to the next stop you could also visit Vigo's Old Town for a bite to eat, why not stop for a plate of chipirones (cuttlefish) with fried chips/onions/peppers in the excellent Tavern A Pedra just off  Constitution Square.
Then it's on to the Galician Sea Museum in Alcabre where you can wonder around outside admiring its impressive appearance/setting,the views, its lighthouse and the beach/local fishing boats. The Museum which also has a restaurant is well worth a visit to learn all about the amazing marine life that thrives in Vigo Estuary. 
It's time to chill out on the beach, no better place to do so but to head to Samil Beach which is one of the best in the area to enjoy a swim and to take in all that fresh sea air. It's always full of vitality a great place to people watch!
The tour finishes at Marina Davila Sport in Bouzas where there are great views looking towards the centre of Vigo and the estuary. Time for dinner at Marina Davila Restaurant which is a great place to enjoy the local gastronomy of the region and the spectacular sunsets.