Summer Escapes in Galicia: Beaches, Sun, and Seafood


Enjoy the sun-soaked beaches and fresh seafood delights of Galicia

1. Hike Along the Rugged Costa da Morte

For the adventure enthusiasts, a hike along the Costa da Morte is a must-do. This rugged and dramatic coastline offers breathtaking views, isolated beaches, and impressive cliffs. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable journey.


2. Soak in the Sun at the Playa de Rodas

Named one of the best beaches in the world, Playa de Rodas is a paradise on earth. With its white sand, turquoise waters, and surrounding lush nature, it's the perfect spot to relax, sunbathe, and take a dip in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean.


3. Experience the Festive Vibe of Galician 'Fiestas'

Immerse yourself in Galicia's vibrant culture by joining one of its lively 'fiestas.' From traditional music and dance to delicious food and local traditions, these festive celebrations offer a unique and unforgettable experience.


4. Explore the Historical Heritage of Santiago de Compostela

Visit the captivating city of Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at its magnificent cathedral, stroll through its charming streets, and learn about the history of the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.


5. Revel in a Traditional Galician 'Fiesta de Pulpo'

Join the locals in celebrating Galicia's most iconic dish, pulpo a la gallega (Galician-style octopus), at a traditional 'Fiesta de Pulpo.' Enjoy live music, lively atmosphere, and of course, delicious octopus prepared in various mouthwatering ways.


6. Take a Dip in the Hot Springs of Ourense

Escape the summer heat by visiting the rejuvenating hot springs in Ourense. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic thermal waters and let the natural beauty of the surroundings relax both your body and mind.


7. Sample the Famous Albariño Wine

Galicia is renowned for its refreshing and aromatic white wine, Albariño. Embark on a wine tour and visit the region's vineyards to sample this deliciously crisp and fruity wine while soaking in breathtaking views of the countryside.