The Gastronomy of Galicia

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For some more tasty morsels, head to the local Galician food festivals

To introduce yourself to the culinary delights of Galicia, sample a range of the fresh local seafood from the Galician estuaries, (also known as Rias). Due to the shallow and hidden nature of the Rias, local fishermen are able to catch over eighty varieties of mouth-watering fish such as Octopus, Squid, Mussels, Oysters, Clams, Lobsters, Barnacles, Crab and Scallops.  The scallop is of particular importance to the Galician community as, intertwined with the historical and religious heritage of the city, the scallop stands as an emblem of the St James Way pilgrimage which concludes at the majestic Galician cathedral, Santiago de Compostela.

For some more tasty morsels, head to the local Galician food festivals. The O Grove Crab Festival situated in the province of Pontevedra is one of the best examples where you can discover secret local crab recipes, take guided tours of the fishing ports and watch the fisherman catch some live crabs. If you are looking for something different to try or simply want to prove your seaworthiness why not enter the sea fishing competition available at this festival?

To try local delicacies and traditional tapas visit La Bombilla, the most famous and reputably the best tapas bar in the area. Situated in La Coruna, this restaurant is suitably close to the main shopping and bar area, the Calle Real and Calle Barrera. For particular local favourites, try the Spanish omelette and spicy chorizo sausage at La Bombilla.  If you are looking for the fine dining experience but would also like to sample some local delicacies, restaurants in Galicia, such as the Solla, Pepe Vieira Camino da Sepe, Meson Alberto and the Pazo de Mendoza are amongst the best. Home grown produce and local recipes are used in these gourmet restaurants to serve delicious dishes bursting with flavour and aroma. For all you carnivores, the cooked and cured meats are a particular Galician speciality including Capon chicken or Raxo/Forza, a local fried pork dish. Scrumptious side-dishes and accompaniments are Cachelos, Galician potatoes, as well as the fresh Galician bread. Just one word of warning however, it is worth booking these restaurants in advance to avoid disappointment.

With chocolates, pastries and cakes aplenty, there is a bounty of delightful Galician deserts to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Bica de Trives is famous for its delicious, simply made cakes from local ingredients. These cakes are great any time of day- whether alongside a coffee in the morning or as a pre-dinner treat. If you are feeling a little more indulgent, try the almond or coconut cake for a richer and sweeter flavour.

La CentollaLa CentollaTypical Galician RiaTypical Galician Ria

Beautifully complementing all of these traditional gastronomic delights is the Galician wines. With increasing international recognition, Galician wines are up there with the best. For this reason, wine enthusiasts will definitely want to visit the Albarino Wine Festival held in Cambados on the 8th of August. Renowned as the home to poet Ramon Cabanillas, Cambados is the perfect place to soak up the Spanish culture whilst sipping on local fine wines. This internationally acclaimed festival offers organised wine-tasting sessions where you can sample the best from the leading wine regions of Raixas Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras and Monterrei. Wine connoisseurs might also enjoy a stroll through the beautiful wine routes in . Walk through the lush vineyards along The Ribeiro Wine Route or The Rias Baixas Wine Route and savour the smells and tastes of the wines derived from these historic regions.

Alternatively, if beer is your drink of choice then you will definitely want to taste the Estrella de Galicia, a robust and refreshing local beer. For the ultimate experience, enjoy this locally brewed beer in the largest bar in town, known as La Cerveceria in Galicia La Coruna.

With all of these gastronomic delights, delicious dishes and sumptuous flavours, Galicia offers the traveller a true taste of paradise. Why not embark upon a gastronomic adventure- try new things and sample authentic recipes? Eat and drink in all the local culture, absorbing and savouring all the best that Galicia’s cuisine has to offer.