Wine and Cheese Routes of Galicia

The French Way to Santiago

O Cebreiro

Pilgrims enter Galicia via O Cebreiro famous for its creamy cheeses, quincy (membrillo) and ‘pallozas’ (ancient stone huts).  The views from the Cross on the mountain top near O Cebreiro are breathtaking.


Samos is worth visiting to see its monastery especially its gothic cloister.


Sarria has a well preserved old town at the heart of which is a pretty old street " Rua Maior".


Portomarin is famous for its augardente.  The views from the bridge across the lake into town are beautiful.

Palas de Rei

It is in this municipality where there are 21 prehistoric aldeas which are ancient hamlets.  This is a cheese making area famous for both tetilla and A Ulloa cheese.  The fortress of Pambre is worth a visit.


Arzua is home of Galicia’s most popular cheese often known as tetilla because of its curious shape!  This is a creamy smooth cheese which goes well with honey (miel).

Santiago de Compostela

It is difficult to describe in words this majestic capital of Galicia.  Visit the Cathedral and Obradoiro Square, Paseo de A Ferradura (for the views),the Old Town especially and following streets, Franco, Raina, Vilar, Nova and Preguntoiro.

Costa Da Morte


Ferrol is famous for its naval port but it is worth a visit especially to admire the views and to see its beaches and estuaries.


Pontedeume is an old village and at the heart of it is an architectural jewel, "Calle Real" which is also packed with traditional bars.


Betanzos is famous for its fruity red wines and tortilla Espanola.

La Coruna

La Coruna is worth visiting to see inter alia the Tower of Hercules, the beaches at Riazor and Orzan, the archaeological museum in the Castle of San Anton and the Belas Artes Museum.


Malpica is a traditional fishing village full of quaint bars and restaurants which serve fresh seafood.


Corme is one of the best places in Galiciaa in which to enjoy a plate of percebes (goose barnacles). The views from the lighthouse ‘faro del Cabo Roncudo’ are breathtaking.


Laxe is famous for its gothic church ‘La Iglesia de Santa Maria do Atalaia’ and traditionally built houses.


Ribadeo is a frontier town separated from the region of Asturias by the River Eo. Its Old Town is well preserved with views looking towards the Island of A Pancha. A trip to the Beach of the Cathedrals is essential as it's one of the most visited places in Galicia.


Viveiro is famous for its three ports, the most majestic being Carlos V. Its Old Town is well preserved and there are great views of the town from San Roque mountain.


Mondonedo is famous for its breads and its spring waters.  Its Cathedral is particularly worth seeing.


Vilalba is home of the famous San Simon cheese, a smoked hard cheese. Its castle is now a Parador.


Lugo is famous for its roman walls which surround the city which extend for over 2 kilometres.

The Other Way to Galicia

O Barco

O Barco is the heart of the wine producing region of Valdeorras where the wines of Biobra, roman bridge of Sobradelo, the temples of O’Castro and Oulego not to mention the vineyards and wine cellars of the area are worth visiting.


Quiroga which is near Ourense is also famous for its wines and aguardiente close to the River Sil.

O Courel

O Courel is a beautiful remote mountain range renowned for its unspoilt natural beauty.

Monforte de Lemos

Monforte de Lemos is a very attractive town with an historic fortress ‘el Palacio de alba’ and monastery ‘San Vicento de Pino’.


Chantada is close to the River Mino famous for its wines and roast meats.

Os Peares

Os Peares is at the confluence of the Rivers Sil and Mino and is an excellent base in which to explore the wine region of  Ribeira Sacra and its monasteries.


Sober is the home of the wine Amandi where nearby there are great views of the river Sil gorge in the heart of Ribeira Sacra.

A Pobra de Trives

A Pobra de Trives is a mountain village near Manzaneda resort famous for its cakes (bicas).  Close by is the roman bridge across the River Bibei, still one of the best built bridges in the world!

Castro Caldelas

Castro Caldelas is renowned for its panorama views with its houses rising out of the granite rock. The views from the Castle are superb. The cakes (bicas) are delicious.

A Rua and O Bolo

These beautiful villages are home to the godello and mencía wines so is worth stopping over to sample these famous wines.


South of Galicia


Pontevedra has a dramatic location at the end of an estuary with a very well preserved Old Town, the Plaza Herreria is worth visiting.


Marin is famous for its military naval school whose entrance is rich in history. Its ancient port is also worth visiting.


Bueu is an important fishing port with a well preserved Old Town. It has views looking towards the Island of Ons. The views from Pazo de Santa Cruz are spectacular.


Cangas is a lively fishing port close to and easily reached by boat from Vigo. The Playa de Rodeira is a 1 kilometre long beach facing Vigo


Arcade is the home of the oyster so is worth a visit to taste a few. Nearby the Castle of Soutomaior is stunning with amazing views looking out across the hills and towards the Vigo estuary and the Islas Cies.


Vigo is stunningly situated on a deep water estuary with amazing views looking out to sea and the Cies Islands. It is a great way to explore the whole of the Riajas Baixas especially its wines and cheeses.

O Rosal

O Rosal is a charming hilltop village in the heart of the Rias Baixas wine producing region surrounded vineyards. The local white wines are particularly worth enjoying.


Tui is a charming hilltop town next to the River Mino within a short walking distance via a pedestrian footbridge to Portugal.


Arbo is the home of the Lamprey, a sort of prehistoric fish worth trying along with the local wines from Condado (Rias Baixas).

Albarino Wines


Catoira is worth visiting to see its Towers from the West (Torros de Oeste).

Villagarcia de Abousa

Villagarcia is a charming small town with beautiful views looking out over the estuary and a good base from which to explore and enjoy the local albarino and Isla de Arousa.


Cambades is the capital of the Albarino wine area and has a beautiful square ‘Plaza de Fefinans’.

O Grove

O Grove is the place to enjoy great seafood, to sample albarino wines or the popular local red wine ‘Barrantes’ and to visit the island of la Toja. There are excellent views of the sea from Siradella viewpoint.


Sanxenxo, originally the Capital of the tourist area of the Rias Baixas with its great beach in the centre of the town ‘Playa Silgar’.


Combarro is worth a visit to see its horreos (grain stores) next to the estuary.

Ribeiro – Monterrei


Ourense is a great place to buy the local wines including  Ribeiro, Monterrei and Verin.  Its Cathedral especially Portico del Paraiso are worth seeing.


Ribadavia is a charming small town, the home of Ribeiro wines and famous too for its café licquer.


Leiro is surrounded by vineyards drained by the River Avia. The Monasterio de San Clodio  which is now is a hotel is breathtaking.


Entrimo in the mountains close to the Portuguese border is worth visiting to see the church of Santa Maria la Real.


Verin is in the heart of the wine producing area and the Tamega Valley which stretches as far as Portugal, is rich in medicinal properties of its waters.  The fortress at Monterrei is worth visiting.

El Ulla – O Barbanza


Padron is a pretty village, famous for its green peppers ‘Pimientos de Padon’.


Ribeira is a charming fishing port famous for its 22 metre high sand dunes ‘Corrubedo’.

Ribadulla, A Estrada, Rianxo, Porto Do Son and Noia are also all worth exploring.